Pricing Self Host Standard hosting Full Database driven Bespoke design

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€ 200

€ 400

€ 450


Domain and hosting

Template of your choice

Bespoke design

Custom layout

User update

Up to 6 pages

€40/extra page

Full analysts and training

Up to 5 emails logo email signatures

Full back-end editing + Training

Full database driven

Website goals & consultancy 

Hosting yearly First year included

SEO (search engine optimisation)
SMM Social Media Marketing


Real Estate integration € 380.00

This allows you to have access to 7000 agents, 20,000 properties and access to 5,000+ clients all on your website, you can choose to share a property or just keep it on your own website. 2,000+ agency messages and property requests. All CRM fully integrated, track your clients, property alerts and much much more

Social Media Marketing (SMM) from € 80.00

There are many ways of keeping interested clients, we can set up a system using social media that will be sure to get clients to your website who have already shown a interest in your products and we make sure you you can keep in touch with them ” A lead is a lead” so keeping in touch is a must, when its all automated it becomes a lot easyer to eventualy convert the client.

Online booking systems from € 180.00

Don’t rely on third-party services and scripts, enable bookings directly on your site. As admin you can approve or reject any booking claim submitted by visitors. Include the fields you want inside the front-end booking form. Apart from a few mandatory fields (house select), most of it is totally customisable

Online payment systems from € 80.00

Let your customers pay for you products online pay direct into your bank, PayPal, credit card, most all payment gateways will allow to charge the whole amount online? Or set a deposit and allow visitors to pay the balance at another date I.E 1 week before check-in. Your website is running itself.

Automated booking calendar from € 90.00

You can enter different prices and “minimum stay (for rentals)” values for different dates of the year. Most owners charge extra during the peak season, you too can do that with this add-on. Each house you add will come with a matching availability calendar allowing visitors to clearly see which dates are taken and which are available. All controlled by the system, this will automatically block dates once a client has made a booking, instantly emails you, or u can manually insert bookings from different sources.

SMS & Whatsapp Notifications from € 30.00

Never miss an enquiry from your website. We can enable the sending of an SMS & Whatsapp messages and calls direct from your websitewhen an enquiry is made via your website contact form.

Website in different Languages from € 30.00

It is very important to have your website in different languages maximize on the whole world wide web we can arrange translation of your website through a 3rd party and implement your newly translated pages. € 30.00 /page plus pro translation costs if needed

Video content from € 30.00

Video web content is very important theses days, its becoming a very big advertising platform in its own rights, this can be used to show case your products or How to operate the TV? How to use the key safe? How to find your property? Often guests do not read your instructions or fail to understand them. There are many uses for video content it is also very good for SEO purposes.


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